Consumers, Small- and Medium-sized Business Have Different IT Needs


Home Users and Small Business:

When getting the most out of your technology for the least amount of money is paramount, we can work like any other computer technician: you have a problem, call us, well fix it!

For Medium to Large business:

For technology dependent business we use our 5 step process to ensure you we provide effective service and maximize your technology investment dollar.

  1) Inventory (Architecture Diagram)
  2) Business and Technical Evaluation

3) Recommendations

4) Implementation

5) Maintenance

We can customize this process for your needs, But taken as a whole this process results in high performance and high reliability. We work with you as a partner to identify high value opportunities, threats and risks arising from company's external & internal sources.

To enhance IT spending predictability, we work on a retainer basis with larger clients for lower average per-hours rates.


Small Business Needs:

- Power and hardware reliability planning

- Desktop software and office hardware purchasing,
  managing and upgrading

- Files servers and back ups

- Network configuration

- Domain management, web hosting

Medium & large needs:

- PC, MAC and Linux server build, deploy and manage

- Wireless device integration

- Local / Remote user management

- Off / On-site backup strategy and Implementation

- Application development (Linux, PHP, CGI, SQL, Web

- Server-based desktop management (Virus protection,
  Spam guard, etc.)

- WAN/LAN network design and firewalls

- Server colocation ( dual-homed, high capacity data center
  in Auburn, CA)

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